Take Note: These Substances Are Harmful to Your Pets

It is important to be aware of and to secure substances in your home that could be harmful to your pets. Chemicals, plants, foods, and medications can be poisonous. Review these tips to be sure that your home is safe for your animal companions.

- Never give your pet spoiled or moldy food. 

- Pets should not be fed chocolate, grapes, or raisins. Beverages with caffeine should never be given to animals. 

- Plants in the Easter lily family, azaleas, sago palm, mistletoe, rhododendron, Japanese yew, and oleander can be poisonous to pets. 

- Antifreeze is toxic to animals. Switch to a low-toxicity brand to be safe. 

- Vitamins, including prenatal vitamins and vitamin C, can be toxic in large quantities. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are also poisonous in large quantities.

- Be sure to keep pet medication out of reach. Many times it is coated in a meat-flavored substance, which makes it likely your pet would ingest a large quantity if it is left out. 

- When treating your pet for fleas or ticks, do not use more than the recommended dosage of shampoo or topical treatment.

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